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Quest takes employee safety VERY seriously.  All injuries and incidents are investigated to ensure safe work practices.  Immediately report all on-the-job accidents and/or incidents to your supervisor AND to your Quest representative.

 A job description explaining the nature of your job and the required skills (including physical requirements) will be provided to you.  If you are asked to perform a task outside the scope of the job description, contact us!

 As part of a drug-free employer, all employees injured on the job will be immediately drug screened.  If you are assigned modified work release following an on-the-job injury, Quest will provide light-duty work for you to keep you earning a paycheck while you recuperate from your injury.

  Basic do's and don'ts to work injury free:

  • Don't operate unfamiliar machinery or equipment.
  • Watch your step on uneven ground or when going up/down stairs or ladders.
  • Pay attention to your co-workers and surroundings.
  • ALWAYS wear required personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • If you work in a physically demanding job, start slow to get your body warmed up and stretched out.
  • Lift with your legs...not with your back.
  • If you're not sure...ASK!!!!


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